Coffee Lovers Love Waking Up at Anderson Point

When you love coffee, it can be the best part about waking up in the morning. This is never more true than for residents of Anderson Point—who will find coffee options galore for when they have that cup-of-Joe craving! Your apartment, Anderson Point’s Coffee Bar, or neighborhood coffee shops are ready and waiting! 

Check out your coffee options:

1. Coffee with a view. Do you need a cup of coffee to open your eyes and get your brain going? Brew it up in your beautiful apartment, and take in that delicious aroma and your first sips of the day while looking out your expansive windows at the beautiful views of the skyline and lake. Talk about starting the day right!

2. In-building coffee bar. Anderson Point knows some people take their coffee seriously. That’s why we have provided community coffee bars—one in each tower. Residents can grab a free cup to go at any time. 

3. Independent coffee shops just steps away. If you like the vibe of a local coffee shop, you have several options right outside your door—one of our favorites is just a 10 minute walk away! 

Kopi Cafe, 4.6/5 stars on Google.

And coffee is one of just many conveniences at Anderson Point. Learn more about the available amenities!

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