Community work suites make work from home convenient!

Work From Home Made Easy at Anderson Point

We know that if you have the choice, working from home is top on your list. We’ve done everything we could to eliminate some of the possible barriers to this modern convenience to make working from home into the dream it can be! That’s why Anderson Point offers community work suites so you can have the option of a separate space to work and be your most productive self. The work suites are scheduled to open this Fall!

Top Reasons to Love our Work Suites

WiFi Throughout. Stay connected with easy access to reliable WiFi, available throughout the work suites. 

Productivity. When you need to be most productive, sometimes your personal space can be a distraction. Step away from your apartment for your work day or for a few hours and be as productive as at the office. 

Separate spaces. Create a clear work/life balance by “traveling” to another spot in the building when you need to turn on work mode. 

Convenience. No need to go scope out a spot at a cafe, pack a box lunch, figure out a pet walker plan, or deal with commuting headaches. Home is just steps away!

So check these apartments out if you are ready to eliminate the commute, dress comfortably, and complete a workday from the comfort of your favorite place—because, especially at Anderson Point, there’s no place like home! Remember, work suites are scheduled to open this fall. Are you interested in living where work from home is possible? Make an appointment to visit today. 

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